Farmers are now using literal lasers to scare birds away from their crops

Scarecrows might make for a nice aesthetic, but the latest trend in keeping pests away from crops sounds like something straight out of Star Wars. Lasers are now the newest trend helping blueberry and raspberry growers in the Pacific Northwest protect their crops from birds this seasonNPR recently published a report on this new technology created by Netherlands-based company Bird Control Group. SEE ALSO: The ocean is cooking off the Southern California coast. Here’s why. As strange as it sounds, the owner of a large blueberry farm, Justin Meduri, said he’d tried much crazier things in the past. Last year, he even hired a falconer for the job, which proved to be both expensive and unpredictable. Read more… More about Tech, Farming, Lasers, Tech, and Consumer Tech source: #Headlines by: Jess Joho

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