#WhyIDidntReport and the Tragic Banality of Rape in America

The hashtag unleashed a torrent of stories that are different yet feel the same. And that’s exactly the point. source: https://ift.tt/2DjBpmT #Headlines by: Emily Dreyfuss

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California becomes 1st state to restrict restaurants on handing out plastic straws

California governor signs law to bar restaurants from automatically handing out plastic straws ABC NewsCalifornia Prohibits Restaurants From Automatically Giving Out Plastic Straws HuffPostBrown’s climate efforts look to space Phys.OrgFull coverage source: https://ift.tt/2QSMD4z #Headlines by:

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Millie Bobby Brown Calls Haters “Weird” for Criticizing Friendship with Drake

Millie Bobby Brown will not let haters discount her relationship with Drake. When the 14-year-old actress revealed her close friendship with rapper Drake, people were quick to question how appropriate their relationship is given their age difference. “Why u gotta make a lovely friendship ur headline?” she rebuked via Instagram story. “U guys… source: https://ift.tt/2xvWZPA #Headlines by: Rania Aniftos, Billboard

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The Best in Sci-Fi Books This Week (9/21/18) – Geek.com

I’m not going to lie, readers. It was a pretty quiet week on the science-fiction front. While there were slim pickings on the ground, that doesn’t mean the books, essays, and news that […] The post The Best in Sci-Fi Books This Week (9/21/18) appeared first on Geek.com. source: https://ift.tt/2prNJYa #Headlines by: Donna Dickens

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Trumpworld divided on Rosenstein — not whether to fire him, but when

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, once a top recruit to serve as White House press secretary, was early out of the gate on Friday with urgent advice for the president. “Rod Rosenstein must be fired today,” she tweeted, after the New York Times reported that the deputy attorney general had floated the idea of wearing a wire in the Oval Office and removing the president from office by invoking the 25th Amendment. Ingraham, one of the 47 feeds that President Donald Trump follows on Twitter, tagged his handle in her tweet to make sure he didn’t miss her edict. The “fire Rosenstein” sentiment — one she eventually deleted with no explanation — was publicly shared by Fox News colleagues and Trump pals like Judge Jeanine Pirro, as well as other close allies with the president’s ear, who did not walk back their comments. But Trumpworld is no monolith — despite the perception that Fox News functions as an outside communications shop — and the divisions were on display Friday as differing opinions were blasted out in an effort to influence the president’s thinking after the bombshell story. The varied reactions to the story illustrate the president’s dilemma: The West Wing and Trump’s top outside allies may be united in the belief that the president should fire his deputy attorney general, but they are deeply divided about the timing of the action and what the president’s stated cause for the firing should ultimately be. Later Friday night, Fox News host and Trump adviser Sean Hannity spoke directly to the president on his evening broadcast, giving the opposing view from Ingraham. “I have a message for the president tonight,” he said. “Under zero circumstances should the president fire anybody.” He added: “They’re hoping that they can turn this politically into their equivalent of a Friday Night Massacre,” a reference to President Richard Nixon’s demand in 1973 that his attorney general fire the special prosecutor leading the Watergate investigation. That act that led to a cascade of resignations at the Department of Justice. A senior White House official also backed up Hannity’s more cautious tone by warning against any dramatic action. In an interview, the official called Rosenstein a “straight shooter” and said his denial of the facts outlined by the New York Times was believable. Meanwhile, there was a growing sense inside the West Wing that the story was planted by leakers on former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe’s team, designed to bait Trump into firing Rosenstein ahead of the midterm elections and then suffer the political consequences. (A spokesman for McCabe has strongly denied leaking any of his memos to the press.) While Trump allies are unanimous in their view that Rosenstein is highly compromised, they expressed concerns that Democrats could seize on Rosenstein’s dismissal to impeach the president. The dissension among the president’s strongest supporters underscored again how they are far from one happy family. The talent at Fox News remain intensely competitive with each other. Meanwhile, their advice, delivered personally to Trump or on-air, is often greeted with eye rolls by White House officials working in the West Wing, who dismiss much of what they say as nothing more than self-interested ploys to gain ratings or sell books. Hannity, according to a source familiar with his thinking, does believe that Trump should fire Rosenstein — eventually. But like other Trump allies, he is pressuring the president that a better strategy than a reaction to a new story is to order him to release all materials related to the Hill investigation that prove there is a deep state opposition to him. Those allies said they expect that Rosenstein would refuse to do so, and that would be a better predicate for his firing than reacting to a news story in what Trump likes to call the “failing New York Times.” It was also not immediately clear what motivated Hannity’s direct-to-camera plea on Friday night. One close Trump ally noted that Hannity sometimes uses his broadcast to speak directly to the president after the two men, who consult each other often, have had a disagreement on an issue. Meanwhile, the “fire Rosenstein” faction of Trumpworld was equally adamant that the president should take action. “It is clear the president has all the justifications he needs to find a replacement for Rod Rosenstein, and we’ve talked about this almost every of his presidency,” Matt Schlapp, the pro-Trump president of the Conservative Political Action Conference, said in an interview on Saturday. “I do not think there would be negative political consequences to making staff changes at DOJ, like the deputy.” Schlapp’s wife, Mercedes, works in the White House as a top communications adviser. On Saturday, the White House had yet to issue any official response to the Rosenstein story, and Trump had yet to weigh in on Twitter as the world around him tried to sway his opinion on what to do. source: https://ift.tt/2Nxcvor #Headlines by: ejohnson@politico.com (Eliana Johnson)

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Kavanaugh accuser accepts Senate Judiciary Committee’s request to testify

Christine Blasey Ford has accepted the Senate Judiciary Committee’s request to testify next week on Ford’s allegation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school, Ford’s attorneys told Senate Republicans on Saturday afternoon in an email obtained by POLITICO. Ford’s lawyers indicated they have yet to reach an agreement with the committee on the specifics and asked to continue negotiations about the details of her appearance on Saturday afternoon. Senate Republicans have offered testimony on Wednesday, while Ford has pushed for Thursday. “Dr. Ford accepts the Committee’s request to provide her first-hand knowledge of Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct next week,” wrote Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, Ford’s attorneys. “We are hopeful that we can reach agreement on details.” Ford’s legal team also now includes Michael Bromwich, according to a spokeswoman for his firm, The Bromwich Group. He is a former federal prosecutor, inspector general for the Department of Justice and is also working on the legal team for Andrew McCabe, a former deputy director of the FBI who has feuded with President Donald Trump. Ford’s agreement to appear before the committee marks the most significant outcome of the high-stakes negotiations between the committee’s Republicans and Ford’s lawyers. But the two parties are still far apart on what day the hearing will take place and other details, and Republicans questioned whether Ford and her attorneys were merely orchestrating further hindrances to Kavanaugh’s confirmation. “Our view of this latest response from Ford through her attorney is still ambiguous. She says she’s willing to testify but she says she still wants negotiations,” a senior White House official said. “Until there’s actually an agreement, there isn’t. It could be a another delay tactic.” Kavanaugh is willing to testify any day of the week and is not advocating for certain conditions, a Republican senator said. But Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ford’s attorneys are still wrangling over critical details. On Friday, the two parties agreed to limit the number of cameras in the hearing room, ensure Ford and Kavanaugh are not in the same room together, offer Ford breaks in her testimony and offer her security from the U.S. Capitol Police. Ford has faced death threats since coming forward and accusing Kavanaugh publicly of groping and forcing himself on her more than 30 years ago. source: https://ift.tt/2xFh31f #Headlines by: eschor@politico.com (Elana Schor)

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China summons U.S. ambassador to protest sanctions over Russia military equipment

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang summoned Ambassador Terry Branstad to lodge “stern representations” and protest the sanctions, the foreign ministry said. Earlier, Chinese defense ministry spokesman Wu Qian said China’s decision to buy fighter jets and missile systems from Russia was a normal act of cooperation between sovereign countries, and the United States had “no right to interfere”. On Thursday, the U.S. State Department imposed sanctions on China’s Equipment Development Department (EED), the branch of the military responsible for weapons procurement, after it engaged in “significant transactions” with Rosoboronexport, Russia’s main arms exporter. source: https://ift.tt/2PRrMgk #Headlines by:

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